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Why ZIG?

BUS-STOPS NEAR YOU: ZIG show the bus stops near you to locate quickly for your transit, enhancing better and fastest mode of travel

ZIG ALSO ASSISTS YOU IN PLANNING ON THE EMERGENCY AND UNPLANNED NEEDS FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE: Hungry and in search of a food court near you in the middle of your trip? We help you fetch the details of the nearest food courts available around your locality through our app. And, when once you click on places our new update will allow you to plan a trip from your current location too. So, we won’t leave you worried about finding the direction too. We have integrated all public places like, Shopping malls, hospitals, activity centers and etc for better transit.

CONNECTIVITY WITH THE FIRST MILE AND LAST MILE: On all your requested trips, we do connectivity with the first mile and last mile, our robust algorithm with head up with a better suggestion like computing costs for your planned trip between different modes of transits. So cost comparison, detailed door-to-door directions on your trip.

UBER AND LYFT NAVIGATIONS: Also, if you prefer Uber or Lyft and if you would like to book the one from your current location, our robust technology will help you navigate to the Uber site while you click on the Ube Icon on our app and automatically plans a trip for you over there. So, you don’t have to key in your trip details again on Uber. ZIG automates it.

ALERTS/EVENTS: Another informative info we have tracked up is the alerts and events that are posted by the transit agencies you have opted for will be available on Zig app in a separate window. So, you can plan a better way of transit with regards to the real-time alerts on routes service, safety, and work maintenance. Also, we have the real-time NEWS UPDATES tracked up for your insights during the time of travel itself. ZIG counts on all emergency and safety standards of you.

OPEN SUPPORT REQUEST: We offer timely support on your entire request. For all, your queries say, bus timing or safety precaution, App suggestions that would help us update with amazing features, some hazardous situation you came across and wanted to report to us, or anything we have our team waiting to answer on those. You can key in the SUBJECT, WHAT THE REPORT IS ABOUT, PHOTO OR VIDEO SUPPORTING THE REQUEST, and YOUR CONTACT INFO and submit the request for us to get back to you with a solution.

REAL-TIME SCHEDULE ON ALL THE LINES THAT A PARTICULAR TRANSIT OPERATES: So if we pick a particular line ZIG shows you buses on that particular line, where terminal does it starts and ends, different bus stops along the line. You can also download a PDF if needed that is generated at the moment on your request. So, the PDF is never outdated.

CALENDAR SYNCHRONIZATION:Your calendar can be synced along with ZIG for a better event planner with no reminder sets. Let’s say you have a meeting at a particular location and you have noted it down on your calendar. ZIG will automatically pull that information down on the app and while on your click to the event tab. ZIG plans a trip to the location making the happenings of your event with no delays.

FITBIT INTEGRATION:You can also sync your Fitbit integration to ZIG. So, how many steps you have walked while on a particular trip, how have you contributed to your healthy day head? Is made available to your insight. So, by means of public transit, you can walk along a bit more steps than we do on our own transit is ZIG’s healthy tip for you.

GREYHOUND INTEGRATION: ZIG also has Greyhound integration for your better inter-city travels also here ZIG shows cost details with Greyhound for your trip. So with ZIG, you go city to city. 

By John | June 22 | Ticketing