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Columbus, Ohio (Sep 1, 2021) ZED Digital, an Ohio-based corporation, announced today the expansion plans of their cutting-edge “Mobility as a Service” solution called ZIG. This app provides advanced Mobility as a Service capability. 

The ZIG app provides multimodal trip planning combining public transit, rideshare, bikeshare, scooters, driving directions, live traffic, toll, inter-city trip planning all in one single interface.

The ZIG app supports in-app mobile ticketing for public transit as well as for other venues who wish to provide contactless payment to customers.

Along with an advanced MaaS trip planner, The ZIG app provides mobile ticketing for public transit, entertainment, sports and other public venues. ZIG's advanced fare validators installed at the venues provide contactless ticketing with your phone in your pocket.

This ZIG app provides riders detailed information about routes, arrival frequency, and availability of adequate seating

ZIG key differentiator includes cost comparison by mobility mode including bus, subway, rail, rideshare, bikeshare, scooters, taxis, Greyhound, and toll roads. Riders can now compare all the transportation options with costs prior to making a decision. ZIG users can sync up MaaS to their calendar to enable trip reminders and real-time trip planning to appointments.

ZIG transmits live transit alerts and generates PDF schedules in real-time. No more outdated schedules on your site!

In addition to traditional trip planning features, users can search and find places to visit and rate the safety of the places with respect to crowding, social distancing, queueing, and contactless payment policies. 

“The underlying reason for low ridership is because people are concerned about the safety of places they visit. The ZIG app will take public safety awareness to the next level. We hope to restore public confidence in going places”, says Sumithra Jagannath, President of ZED Digital.

ZIG is free to riders and agencies, without ads or subscriptions, and is now available in 14 cities in the states of CA, FL, OH and KY. ZIG will expand to 50 cities by the end of 2021.

The ZIG app is available for free download on the Apple Store and Google Play, with links at https://izig.app/.

"To bring ZIG to your city, agencies can Submit your GTFS and GTFS real-time data to ZIG. It's that easy!

ZIG was named among top 3 MaaS + Ticketing Technologies of the year for 2021 by Digital Transport Ticketing Global, an international competition of best ticketing technologies.

ZIG was also awarded the 2019 Buscon Innovative Solutions award by the Metro Magazine.

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By John | July 19 | Press Release