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Columbus (Ohio), Sep 20, 2021 – ZED Digital, an Ohio-based corporation, recently launched a "smart environment" called ZIG. Imagine a cashless, touchless, queue-less experience in public places like commercial office buildings, cultural institutions, amusement parks, public events, conferences, hospitality, restaurants, malls, sports and music events.  Internet of Things (IoT) solution makes this possible. The ZIG IoT solution enhances public safety, enables contactless payment and crowd management on transit vehicles and other public venues.
ZIG offers a smartphone-based mobility app that interacts with the Internet of Things based sensors (IoT) sensors installed on buses or public venues. This hands-free technology enables smartphone users to pay at public venues or to check-in visitors and employees into office buildings with the phone in their pockets.
In addition, the solution provides a virtual view of the venue, shows venue occupancy in real-time, queue lengths, and pay for their tickets all with one single app.
"The ZIG smart technology will take mobile payment and crowd management in public places to the next level and will enable a safe interaction with customers at all public venues trying to re-open", says Sumithra Jagannath, President of ZED Digital.
2 Years of proven success
Over 100,000 essential workers could plan their bus trips and purchase tickets using the ZIG solution without touching bus surfaces and enhancing public safety during the pandemic.
ZED has been widely recognized for this technology including the 2019 Innovative Solutions award by the Metro Magazine, 2021 Smart Business Awards, and recognized among the top 3 worldwide in digital ticketing in the 2021 Digital Ticketing Technology of the Year awards.
ZIG is currently operational in 15 cities in OH, KY, FL, CA, and OR and will be expanded to 50 cities by the end of the year.

Public venues can now offer ZIG "smart experience" to their customers.
While the app is free of cost for the end-user, the transit and venue operators can subscribe through the ZIG app to enable their own "smart venue" by paying a subscription fee to receive the plug-and-play ZIG sensors. Once the sensors are installed at their venues/buses, the sensors will automatically be connected to the ZIG app users, allowing the "ZIG smart experience" and contactless payment.


Headquartered in Columbus, OH, ZED Digital has been a nationwide leader in developing Smart City solutions. During the raging pandemic, ZED successfully piloted the first "smart bus" technology in mid-western cities. This Internet of Things-based solution provided contactless payment for public transit as early as 2018 – a feat that even very large fare collection providers have not achieved. ZED's Mobility as a Service trip planning and wayfinding tool has enabled over 2 million people to find transportation options in Ohio, Kentucky, and Florida.
ZED has been recognized widely for its work in enterprise search and Edge Computing, more recently, in the use of Internet of Things for public safety and health. Sumithra Jagannath is the organization's president, constantly adapting to and re-shaping the future to benefit businesses operating in a high-tech, safe, and "smart" environment.

The ZIG app is available for free download on the Apple Store and Google Play, with links at https://izig.app/.

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By John | July 19 | Press Release